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Objectives & Deliverables

In light of the National Cybersecurity Strategy (2023-2027), which aims to raise the level of readiness to confront cyber risks in all sectors of the country, secure information infrastructure and provide integrated electronic services, as part of the country's efforts towards digital transformation and attention to cyber security. Within the framework of this initiative, we offer "We Innovate Challenge"
This is a hands-on competition, your target throughout the event duration is to deliver a working proof of concept of a solution to one or multiple of the below mentioned challenges. Addressing other challenges than the mentioned ones will be out of this hackathon's scope and will not be accepted.

One of the major competences that will be under assessment in our event is your ability to work in teams, your capacity to rally other calibers and motivate them to join your project, accordingly all presentations, mentorship sessions, awards & prizes will all be team based. If you don't have a team ready we will connect you online upon registration with other contestants to form your team.


Judging Criteria

  1. Market Need/ Problem Understanding:
    How deeply the team understands the market and the problem. 

  2. Creativity & Originality:
    The solution should be unique and innovative with a level of originality not just a copy of the market solutions that exist.

  3. Value Proposition:
    How the solution solves the tackled problem, the value proposition. 

  4. Business Model: Targeted Market & Revenue Stream 
    How the team position their solution in the market, who is their targeted customer, what are the expected revenue streams.

  5. Scalability:
     A technical assessment of the quality of the functions of the solution based on the product provided.

  6. Technology quality and effectiveness:
    A technical assessment of the quality of the functions of the solution based on the product provided.

  7. Prototype/ POC:
    Ideas shall be submitted with a proof of concept (PoC) to show the feasibility and potential of implementing this new idea.


2024 Challenges

1] Securing Emerging Technologies including but not limited to:

  • 5G/6G

  • AI based technologies

  • Cloud Computing

  • Internet of things (IoT)

2] Cyber Security Aresnal toolkits
including but not limited to:

  • Advanced Threat Detection Systems

  • Secure Password Management Solutions

  • Biometric Authentication Implementations

  • Privacy-Focused Web Browsing Tools

  • End-to-End Encrypted Communication Apps

3] GRC Arsenal toolkits
including but not limited to:

  • Risk Assessment and Management

  • Compliance Management

  • Audit and Assurance

  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting

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