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Built under the National Cybersecurity Strategy (2023-2027), which aims to raise the level of readiness to confront cyber risks in all sectors of the country, secure information infrastructure and provide integrated electronic services, as part of the country's efforts towards digital transformation and attention to cyber security. Within the framework of this initiative, we offer "We Innovate Academy" a specialized training academy in the field of cybersecurity.
Security threats are constantly evolving, and organizations must develop and maintain their security posture to protect their valuable information and assets. And a security professional should be updated and steps head of hackers and different type of malicious attacks.A comprehensive security training program is an excellent way to enhance and expand the knowledge and skills of individuals and teams responsible for security operations. Our security training program is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage security risks and vulnerabilities.

Our security training program consists of four tracks: offensive security, Cyber Defense, GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance), and telecom security.

Round 1 2024 :

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Cyber Security Academy


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