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Portofolio startup

Pianat is AI Risk-based Decision engine! Manage risk and regulatory compliance through one integrated platform! G2B2B data exchange network. Starting as Environmental, Social, Governance, Risk, and compliance (ESGRC) innovative connected Supervision Tech/ Regulatory Tech platform. With Reg-Tech represented in a decision command center implementing ESGRC management and reporting platform. Sup-Tech for governmental supervisory authority as a data collection tool for all financial & non-financial reporting serving 12 banks across Egypt.


Pend is a block chain technology, DeFi and web 3.0 company managing a digital platform to store and manage digital assets including features of digital identity creation (Mypend), digital assets creation (Spend) and smart contract interaction (Dpend).


ZeroSploit is a security solution provider specialized in managed services, technology integration services, GRC and cybersecurity assessment. Zeroware is a product in the MVP stage focused on AI- enhanced cybersecurity awareness. ZeroSploit is specialized in Telco assessment, ICS/OT assessment, firmware assessment and IVR PT.

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