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Cyber Defence

The program is designed to teach individuals and teams the skills and techniques necessary to prevent cyber attacks and respond to incidents quickly and effectively. This type of training is particularly important given the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks. Defensive & Incident Handling security training program cover topics such as digital forensics, threat assessment, security incident management, and more. With this training, individuals and organizations can learn how to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, as well as respond to attacks in a timely manner to minimize damage. Whether you're an organization looking to enhance your cybersecurity posture or an individual looking to develop your skills and advance your career, a defensive & Incident Handling security training program can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed

Trainings Prerequisites

Finishing these courses from ITI learning Platform:

• Malware Analysis fundamentals 
• Malware Analysis advanced

Selection Criteria

• Nationality: Egyptian
• Education: Bachelor Degree (Fair) Or either Computer Science, Engineering, Science, or equivalent proven technology background
• Network & Security practical experience is a preference
• Security certificate is a plus


Security Essentials


Security Essentials

SOC Essentials

Python Advanced

Analysis & Forensics

Introduction to Digital Forensics


Windows Forensics

Network Forensics

Incident Response


Incident Response & Blue Teaming

Threat Hunting

Introduction to Open-Source Cyber Intelligence

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